Independent Reading Assignment #2 on Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets begins with Harry Potter spending another summer vacation with his aunt, and uncle who didn’t treat him well. He recieves an unexpected visit from Dobby a house elf from Hogwarts warning him that he shouldn’t go back to hogwarts. Hogwarts was the magical wizards school that Harry attented. Harry disagreed with Dobby and goes to hogwarts a second year. The last couple of days before going to hogwars Harry spends them with one of his bestfriends Ron Weasley. Harry and Ron had an interesting adventure of their way to hogwarts their first day of their second year. Harry and Ron go on Ron’s father’s flying car on their way to school and got stuck on a tree and broked the car accidentally  but they arrived saftly. On his second year he ends up having lots of adventure but he ends up having fun and learning lots about magic spells. And looked foward to his third year of hogwarts.


What a liked about this book : I liked the way the characters and settings are described I also liked the adventures they took because they entertained me.

What I disliked about this book : I disliked how they didn’t speak at all about Hermione’s parents and didn’t tell us any information about them.

Author : J.K. Rowling


Bloomsbury (UK) (Canada 2010–present)

Arthur A. Levine/

Scholastic (US)

Raincoast (Canada 1998–2010)

Where to buy: You could buy this book at Barnes and Nobles any book store or online

Price : About $ 10.99 -$ 14.99

Rating : I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed this book



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