Independent Reading Assignment #3

The lightning thief is about a kid named Percy Jackson, Percy has problems in school because he has trouble focusing on his school work. Percy had been kicked out of 5 schools. He next went to a school in New York for troubled boys. Percy stood up for his friend that was getting bullied and he gets in trouble with his math teacher. During the argument, his math teacher turns into a goddess of vengeance, percy then kill her with a pen that had turned into a sword. When Percy returned nobody remembers the teacher. Months after, during the summer Percy went to the beach with his mother. A storm passes through the town and Percy’s best friend Grover tell Percy and his mother that they should leave their house. During the are attacted by a Minotaur ( Greek monster), and Sally  ( Percy’s other best friend) disappears. Percy killed the Minotaur and falls asleep. When Annabeth ( Percy’s friend)  wakes him up he is at Camp Half-blood, Camp Half-blood was a camp that kids that had one human parent and one god parent went. Percy didn’t know who his father was. Chiron who was the head of the camp send Percy to find Zeus’s ( a Greek god ) stolen lighting bolt that everyone thought that Poiseidon ( the god of the sea ) had stolen. During that adventure Percy found out that his father was Poiseidon. Toward the end of the book Percy brings the lightning bolt back to Zeus. When summer ends Percy returns to his normal school, and he hopes to return to Camp Half- blood  the next summer.


What I liked about the book: What I liked about the book is that the author described the characters in detail also I liked that Percy went on that adventure.

What I disliked about the book: What I disliked about the book was that it didn’t describe very well the place where Percy went to find the stolen lighting bolt. Also that Percy found out who was his father at the end instead of the beginning.

Author: Rick Riordan

Publishers: Miramax books, Puffin books, Disney publishing worldwide

Where to buy: You could buy the lightning thief book in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any book store.

Price: $6.99 – $10.99

Rating: I rate this book 5 out of 5 starts I think this book is amazing and entertaining I really enjoyed reading this book.